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Vaadin polling - best practice tutorial processes requesting objects (ui co

Kai Klostermann
6 years ago Oct 25, 2016 6:06am
Enver Haase
6 years ago Nov 04, 2016 3:25pm
Kai Klostermann
6 years ago Nov 07, 2016 7:38am
Enver Haase
6 years ago Nov 11, 2016 3:44pm

Thanks, Kai.

We're currently undergoing restructuring of parts of the website - as you can see the Wiki is write-protected for the time being. I have linked your improvement suggestion to the article you mentioned so this will be picked up by the restructuring team when it comes across it.

Best Regards,

Steve B
6 years ago Dec 22, 2016 6:53am

There is a bug in the code on here and in the wiki. The last registered poll, once removed, never sets the polling interval back to -1 as the uiRequests in pollRequests.get(ui) will be null, and it is never handled. setPollInterval should be:

private void setPollInterval(UI ui)
        Map<Object, Integer> uiRequests = pollRequests.get(ui);
        if (uiRequests != null)