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long text inside a Label element

ruz default
1 decade ago Mar 09, 2010 9:31am


i'm quite new to vaadin, so i have a question.

i have a 2x1 grid layout containing the following data: the first column contains an image and the second one contains vertical layout with the details fields of the image.

here is the code:

GridLayout dgl = new GridLayout(2, 1);
 Label img_full = new Label("<img src='"+m.getPoster_big()+"'>");
 dgl.addComponent(img_full, 0,0);
 VerticalLayout descr = new VerticalLayout();
 descr.addComponent(new Label("Year: "+m.getFilmYear()));
 descr.addComponent(new Label("Description: "+m.getDescription()));

 dgl.addComponent(descr, 1, 0);

where m is a bean and details is a window.

the problem is that if the length of description text exceeds the width of the grid row, it appears as a single line of text coming out of the window bounds.

maybe someone knows what's the problem?


Jouni Koivuviita
1 decade ago Mar 09, 2010 11:49am

My first guess is that you need to specify an explicit width for the GridLayout. Since Labels are by default 100% wide, they should wrap, but if the Label is placed inside an undefined wide layout, the Labels default width is reduced to undefined as well (since that's what 100% of undefined is), making it stick to one line (nowrap).

So try GridLayout.setWidth("400px") or GridLayout.setWidth("100%") for instance.

If setting the width is out of the question, another workaround then is to override the "white-space: nowrap" setting with CSS. You need to add a style name (and a custom theme, too) for the Label in order to do that:

// Java

// CSS
.v-label-wrap {
    white-space: normal;
ruz default
1 decade ago Mar 09, 2010 12:44pm
Niyas Manzoor
1 decade ago Jun 29, 2010 4:17pm
Niyas Manzoor
1 decade ago Jun 29, 2010 4:30pm
Thomas Kiesl
5 years ago Oct 02, 2017 9:59am
Thomas Kiesl
5 years ago Oct 06, 2017 11:07am