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Pro Account pricing changed: teams get free support

Sami Kaksonen
10 years ago Mar 26, 2012 9:54am

We have recently made some amendments to existing Vaadin Pro Account pricing and I thought that I should summarize all changes.

The main reason for price amendments was to simplify Pro Account subscription pricing. We solved this by removing team size dependent subscription pricing and introduced a fixed price per user model (90 USD / month). It doesn't get much simpler than that :)

Single person Pro Account subscriptions can benefit from the new pricing model, by terminating their existing Vaadin Pro Account subscription and subscribing again with new pricing 90 USD / month. Previously one developer Pro Account subscription was 99 USD / month.

Multi-user Pro Account subscriptions were given discount on monthly fee based on the team size, but after price change we will show our gratitude for team subscriptions differently. In future new Vaadin Pro Account subscriptions comes with Vaadin Support time.
New pricing does not affect existing Pro Account team subscriptions so existing multi-user Pro Account subscriptions are using the old pricing including team monthly fee discounts.

The amount of included Vaadin support request time for new multi-user Pro Account subscriptions is dependent on the team size as follows:

  • up to 3 devs: 1 hours (value: 230 USD)
  • up to 6 devs: 3 hours (value: 690 USD)
  • up to 10 devs: 6 hours (value: 1.200 USD)

While we were at it we also revised the pricing for separately purchased Vaadin Support time. The new pricing is as follows:

  • 230 USD / 1 hour
  • 1.000 USD / 5 hours
  • 1.900 USD / 10 hours
  • 5.250 USD / 30 hours

Old pricing started from 249 USD / hour.

Check out more about Vaadin Pro Account: Pro add-ons and Pro features. Or in case you have already decided to
Go for Pro then you can Sign up here.

Last updated on Mar, 26th 2012