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vaadin charts heatmap color gradient with stops

Stanislav Jakuschev
7 years ago Feb 26, 2016 12:49pm
dmitrii rogozin
7 years ago Mar 02, 2016 11:16am

Stanislav, I recomend you to use http://demo.vaadin.com/charts/#HeatMapExample as an example.
I also recomend you to use beta1, we released last week. There were some helper methods introduced, from example
for stops, you don't need to create an array, but use a varargs syntax. 

Now to your question.
The first parameter in the Stop constructor should be float not int, it's basically a percent of all values. So, in your example use 0 , 0.33, 0.66, 1.
You can go to a Heat map example, I"ve linked above and add these 4 lines.

Stop stop1 = new Stop(0.1f, SolidColor.GREEN);
Stop stop2 = new Stop(0.5f, SolidColor.YELLOW);
Stop stop3 = new Stop(0.9f, SolidColor.RED);


Stanislav Jakuschev
6 years ago Jan 10, 2017 8:53am
Stanislav Jakuschev
6 years ago Jan 10, 2017 8:54am