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Embedding a HTML Page in Vaadin Panel

William Valencia Acosta
1 decade ago Feb 27, 2012 9:31pm

Good Afternoon,

I have a problem and thanks to you for your help. I am trying to put a HTML Page in a Vaadin Panel, I did it in another project, but when I want to do it again, the browser page from the application wait for the cache, and reload it many times crashing the IDE, I am using this code:

ExternalResource prueba= new ExternalResource("paginas/hola.html");
Embedded browser = new Embedded("",prueba);


And when I run it, my browser show: "Waiting for cache", and my IDE: "Waiting for http: ......./VAADIN/widgetsets/widgetsetfolder/0B80135998ECB650.cache.html" and then my IDE crash.

Please help me, thanks.

William Valencia Acosta
1 decade ago Feb 28, 2012 3:08pm

Ok, I did it, I am working with a Maven Project in STS and a Vaadin archetype, the solution is:

1- Create a Widgetset file, example "myapplicationWidgetset.gwt.xml" and put it in a package.

2- Compile the widgetset file, then the folder VAADIN is created automatically with a folder named "widgetsets"; create a new folder called resources and put the JS, images, html and other resources here.

3- Run the server and type http://localhost:port/projectname/VAADIN/resources/resource.html in the browser, you can see this resource.

4- Embeed the resource with ExternalResource res=new ExternalResource("VAADIN/resource/resource.html"); and Embeeded page=...... normally.

5- Run the application and you can load pages in JavaScript with Jquery inside an Vaadin Application.

Rolo Kint
1 decade ago Sep 07, 2012 6:02pm