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JPAContainer- how to get the id of commited item

Andre Peters
1 decade ago Feb 24, 2012 7:40am
Marko Grönroos
1 decade ago Mar 01, 2012 1:20pm
Andre Peters
1 decade ago Mar 02, 2012 9:40am
Victor Röder
8 years ago Jun 05, 2014 7:29am

Hello Andre,

maybe a little bit too late, but maybe others are interested in the answer as well. When you are using JPAContainer with a buffered entity provider (such as CachingBatchableLocalEntityProvider - which is the default one, I think), you get back an UUID as Item-ID from the JPAContainer, as long as you do not do a commit on the container. After that you have to use the ID given by the database to retrieve your EntityItem again.


JPAContainer<Contact> contactContainer = JPAContainerFactory.make(...);

Contact contact = new Contact();

UUID uuid = (UUID) contactContainer.addEntity(contact);

EntityItem<Contact> contactEntityItem = contactContainer.getItem(uuid); // use UUID to retrieve the EntityItem

contactContainer.commit(); // *now* the entity item is persisted to the db

EntityItem<Contact> item2 = contactContainer.getItem(contact.getId()); // *now* we have to use the ID of the database 

Hope this helps,

Kim Zeevaarders
8 years ago Jun 06, 2014 8:32am