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Vaadin Sass Compiler "&" Issues

Mannix Manglani Mankani
7 years ago Nov 02, 2015 1:19pm

Hi there,

Long time no see! I hope all of you are doing fine.

I've been trying to migrate my original vaadin 6 Apps to Vaadin 7 and I have encountered a problem with the Saas compiler, the same as stated here.
When I try to nest a class inside another with a prefix, it simply doesn't compile. I think it's better with an example:

In sass-lang.com (http://sass-lang.com/documentation/file.SASS_REFERENCE.html#parent-selector) it states the following:
& must appear at the beginning of a compound selector, but it can be followed by a suffix that will be added to the parent selector. For example:

#main {
  color: black;
  &-sidebar { border: 1px solid; }

is compiled to:

#main { color: black; }
#main-sidebar { border: 1px solid; }

The problem is that, when compiled with Vaadin Sass Compiler, the output result is an error:

Compiling theme test

nov 02, 2015 12:47:07 PM com.vaadin.sass.internal.handler.SCSSErrorHandler log
GRAVE: Error when parsing file 
/Vaadin/workspace/test/WebContent/VAADIN/themes/test/test_new.scss on line 231, column 17
nov 02, 2015 12:47:07 PM com.vaadin.sass.internal.handler.SCSSErrorHandler log
GRAVE: encountered "-odd". Was expecting one of: "," "[" "%" "." ":" "{" <HASH> "." "%" <HASH> ":" "[" "," "{" 
Compilation of theme test done in 1712 ms

I'm no Sass expert but seems like a bug to me. Any clues, workaroun or future bugfix release on how to fix this?

Thank you!



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