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[Spring vaadin]Communication problem without no errors in console.

Juneyoung Oh
7 years ago Jul 16, 2015 2:34am

Hi, This is my first time to post to forum.
As title describes, I have an error without console error message.

I have some experience with Spring framework, but new in Vaadin.

Since I want to use minimal library dependencies,
I made my project with Eclipse(Luna) 'Dynamic Web Project' and 'Convert as Maven Project'.

This is my project link. Would you like to check this out?
Link : https://github.com/juneyoung/VaadinSpringEX/tree/master 

For people who do not want to visit github, following is summary of what I have done.

  1. Built a Dynamic Web Project in eclipse Luna
  2. Convert this project as Maven project
  3. Add followings to pom.xml. Spring web mvc (4.1.7 RELEASE) / Vaadin-client-compiled / Vaadin themes (7.5.1) / Vaadin-Spring (1.0.0.beta3) / add repository : vaadin-addons
  4. Implemented a Class which implements WebApplicationInitializer (Since I do not want to use xml settings)
  5. Made config Classes(RootConfiguration / ServletConfiguration)
  6. Made a Controller bean (just for url redirecting)
  7. Made a VaadinUI Class wich @SpringUI annotation

When I ran this Web Application, I can see button UI.
However when I click, it stops without any error messages on console.

Looks like widget set problem.
I can see an error message in browser console, not eclipse.
It says that ...
'your widget set seems to be built with a different version than the one used on server. Unexpected behavior may occur. '

So how can I fix this?
I want to build a project in eclipse in following condition

  • do not wan to use plugins like STS or Vaadin-plugin
  • want to import libraries which is necessary to execute "HelloWorld"
  • want to use Sevlet 3.0 based settings (Want to reduce xml settings as much as possible)

Sorry for many conditions, but this is what I wan to build :D

Ruslan Jonusas
7 years ago Sep 07, 2015 7:36pm
Juneyoung Oh
7 years ago Sep 08, 2015 12:34am