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Addon Styles - Uniqueness across multiple addons

Julien Charpenel
7 years ago Jul 02, 2015 2:40pm


I am currently exploring a little bit the development of addons.

As far as I have tried it out, for an addon to provide its styles (regardless of scss or css) the path has to be declared inside the manifest using "Vaadin-Stylesheets". This path is then imported by the Vaadin-Sass Compiler into the "addons.scss" file of a theme if it is using this addon.

So now the question comes:
This will fail if 2 addons use the same directory and file name for their style, right?

Bonus question
Even if two addons have different filenames, imagine the following scenario:

Addon 1 has the following style/directory layout:

--addon-style.scss (imports "/other-styles/another.scss")

Addon 2:

--addon-style-2.scss (imports "/other-styles/another.scss")

Will the Sass Compiler be able to distinguish which "another.scss" to use?

So how do you guarantee the uniqueness of addons regarding their styles?

Thank you in advance!