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Introducing the Vaadin Screensaver

Fredrik Rönnlund
1 decade ago Jan 18, 2010 6:15pm

Cheers everyone!

We all agree that Vaadin is awesome - it makes it super-easy to create enterprisey applications that look good and make you and your users happy..(does it really make you happy though?)

Anyway, one thing has been missing from Vaadin since the dawn of time. One thing that no self-respecting-enterprise application can live without even after it has been ported to the web. And that 'something' is a kick-ass-sweet-screensaver! A screensaver can make your life so much happier - so here it is:

Test it live here running on top of the 5-minute tutorial to Vaadin with a 5 second timeout (so be patient):

Not only that, but it's also super-easy to use:
1. Download the project JAR (and gwt-graphics) => To be added as one download in the forthcoming Vaadin Directory. But until then see the README.TXT in the SVN.
2. Write your 3 lines of code:

//Create a screensaver of your choice, add timeout and BOOM, you're done.
ScreenSaver screensaver = new ScreenSaver(ScreenSaver.SNOWSCAPE);

3. Profit!

As for the sourcecode, feel free to poke around: http://dev.vaadin.com/browser/contrib/Screensaver and make your changes or contact me directly.

The screensaver uses Hene's gwt-graphics library to produce browser independent SVG/MVG vector graphics and it's really easy to use and extend. Fancy writing your own screensaver? See the README.TXT in the project for 3 easy steps!

As I'm writing this the Screensaver is at version 0.9.0 which means that it works, but it probably has a few glitches. (And with a few, I mean more than a few... actually I'm not sure it i.e. works in IE at all!). Also I'm looking forward to adding your awesome screensavers to the project soon... and who knows, I might even create my own Vaadin screensaver directory one day with downloadable Vaadin/GWT Screensavers! ;)

Now stop reading and see what your app will look like with a little bit of snow or the cheap-ass-matrix-clone!

Last updated on Jan, 18th 2010
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