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Popup window in a buttonclick Event.

Weiqiang Xiong
7 years ago Jun 24, 2015 4:13pm

I know I can use #BrowserWindowOpener and extend it with a button.

Is there anyway I can popup a window inside a buttonclick listener directly?


Weiqiang Xiong
7 years ago Jun 24, 2015 4:21pm

I have a table and a button. Then I select a row and click the button. In the clicklistener it will get the URL from selected row. Then it should pop up a new window with the URL.

How could I do this?

Claudio Crociati
7 years ago Jun 24, 2015 6:23pm

You can try the method open() in the class Page:
com.vaadin.server.Page.getCurrent().open(java.lang.String url, java.lang.String windowName)
com.vaadin.server.Page.getCurrent().open(java.lang.String url, java.lang.String windowName, boolean tryToOpenAsPopup)
com.vaadin.server.Page.getCurrent().open(java.lang.String url, java.lang.String windowName, int width, int height, BorderStyle border)