Yet another print question

Hi everyone,
I’ve been browsing the forums for a way to print a given page of my application; and I must say I haven’t found a way that really works.
What I need is actually to just print everything that is displayed on the screen, I don’t need it to be pretty : even if content gets separated on multiple pages I don’t care I just need everything that is displayed on the screen.

I’ve tried both approaches using a PrintUI and css @media queries to no avail, the only way I managed to accomplish something was was to use @media queries and Chrome “media emulator” capabilities with “print” emulation, but of course this is not acceptable (plus it doesn’t work on Firefox or IE)

Basically what I’m doing is using the following CSS rule in the @media query

@media print { *{ overflow : visible !important; } } This should make all content to be displayed with no scrollbars but whenever I hit the print button I get a partial page with both horizontal and vertical scrollbars.

So my question would be is there a way to print a given page in the application?
I’ve read somewhere in the forum people saying that PDF printing is the way to go for printing Vaadin pages and even though I would rather not use PDF I will settle for it but is it possible to easily export the currently displayed page to a PDF or do I have to reconstruct the UI everytime I want to print??

Also maybe it would be a good thing if the Vaadin team could provide at least a basic CSS print rules for at least not having the scrollbars when printing