Wrapping the ChartPanel !!!

i had this problem with wrapping the ChartPanel with JFreeChartWrapper addon. My use of ChartPanel is justified by the thing that i want to enable zooming in my TimeSeriesChart. The end-user will be able to zoom on the displayed chart. Anyone with a clue !!!

Thanks a lot,

I have same issue, how did you solve this issue ?

Jfreechart have the ability to zoom out of the box. Is there any particular issue you are facing ? See the TimeSeriesDemo at the site

The issue is, when I use JFreeChart as swing application, I able to zoom in and zoom out with help ChartPanel. But, my JFreeChart is wrapping into new JFreeChartWrapper(myChart) and ChartPanel is not an argument for JFreeChartWrapper. Without ChartPanel, I unable to zoom in/out or re-size my chart.

Looks like, the ChartPanel is not compatible and not available in Vaadin, right ???


JFreeChartWrapper only renders charts as static images to browser. So swing stuff like chartpanel and e.g. click listeners don’t work.

If you need dynamic stuff like zooming, point addition and click listeners, you should definitely have a look at Vaadin Charts.