Working with themes in Netbeans...

Hi, I´m having some difficulties to work with themes in Netbeans, I already read chapter 8 that talk about themes and the first thing that I notice is that the folder hierarchy isn´t the same that I have in Netbeans so I don´t where to put the css file that I create. I try to create a package in my app and in this package I put the ccs file then with setTheme() method I indicate the theme, this idea doens´t work the page lose all the style.

Problem resolve but I got one questionm what´s the class that vaadin define to apply a background to the page?

That depends on the theme, but usually .v-app is used. Other options are .v-view and .v-generated-body.

thanks, .v-app and .-view work fine but v-generated-body doens´t work.