Word-wrap in Grid()...

To get word-wrap in a Table() I use a ColumnGenerator() to return a new Label() with ContentMode.HTML. This works fine… content is wrapped and rows with wrapped content expand in height to show second and subsequent lines of content.

Trying out the same in Grid in 7.4.7 and I cannot get word-wrap working correctly. My grid is built from a container (all data preloaded) . The grid has two columns; second column (the one I want to wrap) is set with expand ratio 1 and an HtmlRenderer():

gridBulletin.getColumn(“announcement”).setRenderer(new HtmlRenderer());

is set to 100% height and width within a vertical layout (also 100% height/width). These layouts are all fine as no errors are reported when run in ?debug mode.

The data in the “announcement” column is in fact html so what I see is rendered correctly as HTML, however no wrapping happens - just a horizontal scroll bar.

Tried styling with a css as follows - looks like it is trying as the cell data breaks at the end of the line based on browser width, however the row only ever displays a single line of content.

.v-grid-cell {
white-space: normal;

Am using 7.4.7 - any help or suggestions would be appreciated as the grid component looks far superior to using a table…

Hey David,

Another similar thread here: https://vaadin.com/forum#!/thread/10036547.

Thanks… will remove this