Wizards for Vaadin add-on

Hi all,

I just released the first version of my
Wizards for Vaadin add-on
(Apache License 2.0). The purpose of the add-on is to simplify the creation of multi-step wizards for your Vaadin applications. See the live demo

Please keep in mind that this is just the first release and I would really like you to try it out and give me some feedback for future improvements. This also means that the API will most likely be changed in the future releases along with some new features.

The project is hosted at
Google Project Hosting
along with the Git repository for the source code.

It’s stupend!!! I’m trying to deploy it in liferay. Do you know if is it posible?


I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work inside Liferay as long as you have a Vaadin application and you have compiled the widgetset to include the add-on. Haven tried it in Liferay myself though.

Looks nice :slight_smile:

Just a small note,
when the user is not able to go a step back, just disable the Back button,
that way the user will not even try to click on Back.


We have a similar need and we built a similar API actually.

I think one major improvement would be to allow the user to configure the UI elements himself, that is:

  • Progress bar
  • Back button
  • Next button
  • Finish button

I don’t know if this is the case but taking into account the wizard that have lots of steps and/or long captions by allowing the progress bar to be vertical close (left or right) to the actual step component.

Low priority but you probably need a WizardStepCompletedEvent

Looking forward the next release !!

Thanks for the feedback!

On the next release I’ll be focusing on giving the developer more freedom in implementing their own replacement for the progress bar and positioning the control buttons.


I just released a version 0.2.0 of the
Wizards for Vaadin
in the Vaadin Directory.

This release contains some bug fixes and also the API has changed a bit, see the
Getting Started
guide for some details. Most importantly the progress bar is not displayed by default anymore but the new API allows you to provide your own header instead. Of course you can still use the provided default progress bar (see the code example in
or on the

The add-on is still on experimental stage and the API is likely to change. At least on the next release I’ll be making the customization of control buttons more flexible.


I like to work with you widget.

But I can’t make a git clone of it :

git clone https://code.google.com/p/wizards-for-vaadin/
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/aurelien/workspace/wizards-for-vaadin/.git/
fatal: https://code.google.com/p/wizards-for-vaadin//info/refs not found: did you run git update-server-info on the server?

Can you run this command or it’s a Google code bug?



That’s weird. I tried to make a clone myself and also asked few friends to try it out and we got the clone of the repository successfully.

Which version of Git are you using? Google Project Hosting
mentions that it requires at least Git 1.6.6 version.

Oh, I don’t think about a version problem…
I used version After an update all is ok.


Just wanted to mention that I recently rewrote the demo application. The new demo also works as a tutorial on how to use the
Wizards for Vaadin add-on

See the demo application live at:


Nice !

I could not download the source code for this Wizard Addon. When I click on Download, its redirecting to home page. Could you please give me the link to download?


do you mean that the Directory page of the add-on redirects you to the vaadin.com home page?

In any case, the download from Directory requires signing in to the website. So sign in to vaadin.com and then go to the
Wizards for Vaadin
add-on page for download.

If you are looking for just the source code, you can get it also from the
project page

Thanks got it.

I am currently working on it, but got stuck at one point.

How could we carry values from one step to the next step?

I mean I have a text field in the first step, users fill out the value in the text field which needs to be captured in the second step.

It may be simple, but just let me know how it can be achived.

Thanks in Advance.

The Wizard itself doesn’t have any mechanism for carrying values between the steps. So this is something you have to implement yourself.

Basically a simple way would be to have a method in the first step to return the value of the TextField and then keep a reference to the first step in the second step. Or the second step could implement a ValueChangeListener and be assigned as a listener for the TextField that is inside the first step.

You can also use a context and pass the context in your step implementation.


I want to know how to capture a step’s next button click event.
When i am trying to capture


event, it is getting fired for next button of every step.
So i want to know how to uniquely capture event of next button of particular step.


For instance, I have 5 steps in the wizard and there will be 4 next buttons. I want to capture the third next button event. How do i capture it?




you could implement your own
, register it to the
and act on the
event. The
contains information on what step just got activated.

Or if you need to do something before the next step is actually activated, you could react to the user clicking on the next within the
method of your third

The latest version 0.4.0 (released yesterday) also has public
methods that you can call yourself.

Hopefully these ideas will get you forward. If you have any suggestions how the API could be improved to better serve your use case, I’m eager to hear about it.

Hi Teemu,

This looks pretty cool, but I can’t seem to get the progress bar to display.

I’ve tried both of these:

Wizard wizard = new Wizard();
wizard.addStep(new CreateStep1());

and this one too

Wizard wizard = new Wizard();
WizardProgressBar bar = new WizardProgressBar(wizard);

The area above the border box is just empty/blank where the progress bar is expected.

Any suggestions?