Window with variable height

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with Window component. I need the window to have the height according to content, but not higher than the screen, so I can see always whole window.

To achieve this, I’ve set max-height CSS style to 90% on v-window. This works when I set a specific height from Vaadin and this height is bigger than 90% of screen. In this case window height is reduced to 90% and scrollbar appears like it should.

But when I don’t set the height in Vaadin and I let the component to have height based on content, my max-height style doesn’t work. Main element v-window has right hight (90%), but all child elements don’t. This results in eighter no scrollbar or scrollbar on wrong place when I use overflow auto on v-window. None of those options is right, but I don’t see any other solution.

Could anyone help me?