Window with TabSheet has excessive width

I have a Window with a VerticalLayout as the content to which I add a tabsheet which currently has one tab (a vertical layout) that contains a table. All of the component has setSizeUndefined on them. Without out the tabsheet the window displays about the size of the table. But with the tabsheet a scroll bar appears and the window extends well past the right edge of the browser window even though the table itself is only two-thirds the width of the browser. For some reason the tabsheet is setting the width in pixels (89734px) and it is unclear why.


[/code]In addition, if I add a bunch of tabs so that the tabs go beyond the side of the window when I try to scroll to the tabs that are outside the window area the tabsheet automatically scrolls back to keep the selected tabs contents flush left rather than scrolling the tabs back and forth (which would seem more appropriate). If the selected tab is outside the window area (and someone I managed to select it) the tab itself stays outside the window to the right while the tabs contents stay flush left.

I am running Vaadin 7.4.2.
Any ideas what the issue is?

I changed the TabSheet to an Accordion which works better for the purpose. But the width of the closed accordion items are still bigger than the width of the open item. The closed items have no content because I don’t load it until the tab is selected. If there is just a single open item it looks fine. But if there are two or more the window width is about 1/3 bigger than the table inside the open tab because the closed tabs widths are assigned a bigger size.

Is there a way I can make the closed tabs the same width as the open tab?