Window scroll position temporary memory loss

Using Vaadin 7.5+Scaladin

I have a window with lots of html text in an HTML label, which naturally enough causes a scroll bar.

However if I then scroll down and close the window, when I bring it back the scrollbar is at the top. Not good.
Even weirder, if I drag the window and let go, the previous scroll position is remembered

Here’s my code, not much

class HelpWindow(val html:String) extends Window{
caption=“Help Window”

val label=new Label{

def show()={
if (!


I’d expect the window to be EXACTLY how I left it. Not amnesiac till tickled.

Is this a known issue?


Be sure to make window smaller so you actually see the scrollbar.

On a linked matter, if I have so tonnes of text inside my label, the window becomes taller than my browser window, with no scrollbars. If I drag the title bar of the window it then gets scrollbars and makes the window fit to the browser.

And due to the above amnesia, if I dismiss the window, then bring it back, it is back to its massive oversized state.