I have a strange issue using When running on my local machine all that works perfectly fine.
But when deploying my app out to another server, Vaadin tries to open the window based on the url of my test system, instead of using the other systems url-base?

localsystem: url-base is http://localhost:8080/, win-url is http://localhost:8080/v/win
othersystem: url-base is http:/, win-url is http://localhost:8080/v/win

How does that come - and how can i resolve this?


Btw. - the same strange behaviour occurs when implementing logout as adviced here:
My servlet is registered as described in Option 1 over here:

perhaps you can use a relative path?

if not then you can deside in your code where it runs by checking the server by using:

String strPath = mainWindow.getApplication().getURL().toString();

and set the openwindow path accordingly.

Yes, I can fix the path/url on my own. But this behaviour is not what I expected - I am considering this to be bug, and would like the Vaadin team to confirm that.

Can you post a short example app that shows this? takes a Resource object – how are you creating that object?