window frames overlapping


My application has multiple sub-windows as I am trying to open several documents at the same time.I am running into this problem of my window frames overlapping each other.When I am dragging them over each other the embedded content is displayed on top but the frame of the window is dissappearing underneath the below window.

Your suggestions/comments is much appreciated.


This sounds like a bug to me.

Can you try with a default theme to see if the problem is from Vaadin or from some changes in your theme ?

If there is the same problem with default theme and you can make a minimal application that reproduce the problem (as few lines as possible) (and take a screen capture of it) you could then make a perfect bug report for the devs to take a look at it.

Bugs are reported
and post a link to the ticket you have created here for easy navigation.

When you say embedded content, I guess you refer to Flash or some other content rendered by a native browser plugin. They might not fully respect z-order from the browser in certain rendering modes. This might be related to
ticket #5879

More information on the type of the embedded content, browser and Flash plug-in versions (if Flash) etc. would be needed for someone to be able to try to reproduce this.


Thanks for your response.My window indeed looks like the one in the ticket mentioned where the frame of the window goes beneath the underlying window(whereas the content remains on top so the header of the window is not visible).In the embedded content I am rendering a bytearray from the database as a pdf.I am not sure I can change the theme since a portion of the system is in production.

I will definitely provide the sample application reproducing the scenario and raise the bug but if there a solution for it at the moment or a workaround for it it would be really helpful since we are looking to quickly fix this and push it into production soon.

Appreciate your response.


I came across this and made the changes to override the window element in my css and am not getting the overlap in windows anymore.But my window is looking a little unfinished due to the white background.Maybe a little more tweaking with the css can fix that.

Thanks for pointing me in that direction.