window component question

First of all I would like to congratulate you about the release of the stable version of itmill framework- i am impressed by the samples and i plan to use it extensively. I have monitored the progress of your work guys from the start and I can only say how glad i am for making this framework developer friendly and very well documented:-) I personally am of the group of the developers that think that the future of web development is lying in frameworks like itmill (after all this years i still cannot say why i hate html so much:-)). So I am really glad to find out so many samples in your library that will help me get started.

Well now to the point - I am writing you this post because i would like to ask something. I noticed when testing your sample with the modal window that you can drag it and place it (drop it) in the bottom side of the screen(browser in our case or view as you may call it) and even beyond the bottom where it is not visible. And thus you do not have any chance to move it back to the visible viewport of the screen. I would like to ask you guys if there is a way to restrict the window not to be moved in any direction out of the visible screen. I have worked with many frameworks and most of them have this feature. Believe me i had close encounters with angry users when at work we wrote a modal window that was able to go beyond the visible screen and when dropped it could not be dragged back;-) This makes users panic and to be honest me also when i found out this :slight_smile: So I hope you will clarify this matter as I think it is worth mentioning;-) Thank you in advance and I hope I have made myself clear :-))

Hi and thank you very much,

There is currently no feature that prevents a window from being dragged out of the screen but I can see that this would be useful. Please create a new ticket (feature request) at