Window (Changing mode doesn't fire event like resize)

Like the topic said I’m having problem with window resizing event. Basically I want to my content fit window size. However not everything works like it should. Changing window mode for instance maximizing or resizing is handled by client event listener. The problem is that when I’m resizing everything works ok, but maximizing/restoring only changes window size and the content doesnt fit at all. What is the solution for this type of behaviour?

ps. Changing browser’s window size fire the content to update.

You shouldn’t need any event handling for this at all. If the content of the Window has it’s size defined to 100%, the the content will automatically resize itself whenever the size changes. What do you have in the window, and what is the root component size set to?

Thanks for the answer. I checked it again in browser and I’ve found out that the problem is tabs container which has sizefull method as you said. However in browser it has calulated size in pixels. I’m goind to check if setting size with addStyleName and class will fix that.

Adding extra style also doesnt work. Every child in my window uses setSizeFull method, also I’m using ExpandRatio with 1f value in some places.

Something here seems a bit off. You mention client event listeners and custom style names; as I said, you won’t need those. Can you post a screenshot from e.g. the crome inspector, that shows the styles for the window DIV and the child DIVs? just to double-check what sizes you are actually working with. You also say ‘every child in your window’, but did you check the root element specifically? the component you pass in Window.setContent?