Window border NONE, MINIMAL, DEFAULT all appear the same

Class Window’s setBorder(int border) doesn’t seem to make any difference in the way my windows look. Setting to BORDER_DEFAULT, BORDER_MINIMAL, and BORDER_NONE all look exactly the same.

Does anyone know what these three border styles are supposed to do?


You’re probably trying to use these for sub-windows, right? The problem is then that the border styles only apply to native, browser-level windows. You can see the BORDER_NONE in action in the
Native Window
sample (click the button or the link in the sample). The API is of course very confusing here.

Native windows and sub-windows are planned to be separated in version 7, so mixups like this shouldn’t happen anymore.

Yes, I was. Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks. Now I get it.

Is there any documentation on the type of changes you are planning? We are starting on a project where it looks like we have to hack the sub-window code to do a few things it doesn’t do right now, such as 1. adding custom buttons in the window title area, 2. changing the height of the window title and footer areas (may be possible with just CSS), etc.

It will be nice for us do these things with some idea of what Version 7 might do with windows. Is there a link to such evolving documentation?


There is no detailed document about this yet. We follow an agile process, and also our public roadmap currently only extends until 6.4. The roadmap and plans for Vaadin 7 should get clearer sometime this summer, probably around the time 6.4 is out.

That said, the overall goals in Vaadin 7 include making the common use cases for Vaadin developers easier and cleaning up the API where necessary.

Some ideas by certain developers (internal and external - note that these are just ideas) can be seen
. Forms would also definitely need rework to make them easier to use in non-trivial cases.

The closest thing to a written plan for Vaadin 7 is
the ticket list targeted to Vaadin 7
, but that is very incomplete at the moment, lacking many of the key improvements to be made.

I posted the following a little over a year ago. It is still a need for us. I am wondering if there might be some documentation or code we can look at and figure out the new V7 Window API. Thanks.

Just wanted to point out, that one of my newer add-ons,
allows you to add custom controls to the window title/header area.