Window at mouse position


I’d like to open a Window and position it at the current mouse position. Is this possible?


I’d also like to be able to open a window relative to another component, like aligned with the upper right corner, for example.




Window.setPostion(X and Y)

Hi Lawal, I’m familiar with Window.setPostion(…). In this case I don’t know the X and Y to place the window. I want Vaadin to simply place the window for me at the current mouse position (much like a PopupView), or aligned with a specific component on the page already.


Events having MouseEventDetails should have the X and Y coordinates of the click. Those at least (I think) ClickEvent, LayoutClickEvent and ItemClickEvent. I hope you can work out something using some of these.

Thanks, Johannes.

In my specific case I have written a “dwell” behavior in a custom GWT component. After mousing over the component, a timer is started. When the timer expires, the event is sent to the server. I’m having trouble tracking the mouse movement, so there is no mouse event being sent. I was hoping I could just position something accordingly on the server without such mouse details from the client.