Will Vaadin 8 have a "Confirmation" component?

My app allows users to add/modify/delete from a Grid (and underlying database). Mostly done, I finally got around to the “nice to have” features…such as asking the user to confirm when they hit the “Delete” button. I was surprised that Vaadin doesn’t offer any modal dialog component similar to Swing’s JOptionPane. I did find an ‘add-on’ (https://vaadin.com/directory#!addon/messagebox) that might work for me, but if Vaadin is planning on adding such a core widget to Vaadin 8, I might as well wait.

I couldn’t find any documentation on Vaadin 8 - is there any such thing planned?

As always, thanks for all info.

You might want to use a SubWindow for that.


There is also this addon (available for vaadin 8):

With Window component, you can make your own confirm Window.

Thanks guys - that’s what I ended up doing. But it seems to me that this would be a perfect candidate for a framework component a la JOptionPane in Swing.

For confirmButton (delete for example), I wrote this class (attached).

Of course JOptionPane has more functionality.
30612.java (2.95 KB)

Too bad overriden components are not supported by Designer (they show up as generic rectangles).