Will there be a ReactTemplate similar to LitTemplate?

Is there a LitTemplate like mechanism planned for React Components ?
Like with LitTemplate I would like to create a complex layout + styling in React and then use this component in Flow and bind the components to a @Id tag (or something similar) and be able to extend the UI, add events or slot new components in Java.

The ReactAdapterComponent that we launched in Vaadin 24.4 is already going in that direction since you can use that to pass data to React and get events back to the server. Vaadin 24.5 will add the last missing low-level building block which is support for injecting Flow components as children of the React template. You can try this out already with 24.5.0.alpha2 that was released last week.

The ReactAdapterComponent feature is mainly designed from the perspective of integrating reusable components rather than to use it for templating. Because of this, it’s partially based on low-level mechanisms that are accessed through the Element API in Flow. We are considering to introduce a more high-level approach to make the feature more applicable for view templates but we don’t have any specific plans on that yet.

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