Will some one answer my question ?

@benevolent-yaffle Hi, are you talking about the notification related question below?

I’m sorry but the problem isn’t immediately clear as the reproduction example is rather lengthy.

If you think the behavior is a bug, please try to create a minimal reproduction (e.g. 1 column, 1 notification etc).

And then please create an issue in this repo:

I literally explained it step by step and still can’t figure it out ? LOL

And no one said anything

That was the saddest part !

Please note that we provide support in this channel on the best effort basis. I can take a closer look but the proper issue with a ZIP archive providing a reproduction would be appreciated.

How to reproduce it with a ZIP file

I’m hearing this for the first time

Can you explain ?

Create an runnable example that reproduces the problem, zip it and share it. Normally required for open source projects like spring boot if you think you found a bug and want them to help you.

You can also create a sample project in github, that’s the easiest way to share a project.
Usually when you don’t have any answer you can try to reformulate your question by adding steps to reproduce, expected result and the current result

Ok let’s try another way

This is grid cell content

How are they set ?

Are you talking about “Name”? It’s set by column.setHeader


I’m talking about Birthday , Birthday , Birthday is tomorrow, etc…

Because of this code:
textColumn = grid.addColumn(“text”).setWidth(“50px”);
For each row, it will display the attribute ‘text’ in the bean.

You can read the documentation here about the grid Flow Usage | Grid | Components | Vaadin Docs

I’ve read it hundred times and still it doesn’t work as expected

You don’t have to use the auto creation of columns and can specify them yourself with addColumn(Bean::getValue) to have full control and flexibility.