Will Designer be available to everyone?

Vaadin Designer is absolutely great. The difference between Designer and the previous visual tool is like the difference between a Ferrari and a bicycle.

It’s so awesome that I am going to start using Designer even though 7.4.0 is still in beta.

Unfortunately, right now a subscription to Pro is not in the budget. Will this wonderful tool be available to developers who don’t have a subscription?



quote from the Vaadin Labs page: “The Labs version of Vaadin Designer is free to download and use. A commercial version (included in your Pro Tools subscription) will be available later on in 2015 (H1).”


I guess my question is, is the Labs version the same as the Commercial version or are there going to be features available in the commercial version that aren’t available in the Labs version?

https://vaadin.com/forum#!/thread/9019447/9220735 - looks like it’s going to be a Pro-only feature, going forward. Worth paying for, in my opinion, just need to find the money somewhere.


The Labs is a place for experiments an early releases, and since we have reached a decision to go forward with the Designer project as a commercial product (we now have a dedicated team working full time on it), it’s going to “graduate” out of Labs soon (beta imminent, the Labs version will stop receiving updates). At the moment we do not have any plans to create a free version with less features or anything like that, instead we’re focusing on making the Vaadin Designer 1.0 as good a product as possible.

The final release will be included in the Pro Tools subscription, and also available as a “stand-alone” purchase (perpetual license).

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