Width of a Table with only one column

Very basic question… but I have not the response after many tests.
I have a Panel (with its default vertical layout). This panel has a width of 200 pixels.
In this panel I put a simple table (setSizeFull()) with only one column.
Table is filled from a sourcecontainer.
I want that my table occupies all the panel.
When I display, the table shrink and has a width equals to the most larger item.
Items are String so I have tried with Label but no effect.

It seems I forgot something?

Thank for any help.

I have found.
Width is ok when I set the content of the panel (verticallayout) to full size.
But now, the problem is that a vertical and an horizontal scroll bars appear. I think that the horizontal bar is the consequence of the vertical bar.

How suppress this horizontal bar ?

Set panel content to full size was not the good method. After setting with the same width of pane, it’s fine.