widgetset requested resource not found

I’m getting the following error:

INFO: Requested resource [VAADIN/widgetsets/nz.co.senanque.pizzaordermobile.widgetset.PizzaordermobileWidgetset/2DE7DCB3C14A55C77469B6DE7E125AC2.cache.html] not found from filesystem or through class loader. Add widgetset and/or theme JAR to your classpath or add files to WebContent/VAADIN folder. The message is quite right, there is no such resource. There is a similar resource called 1FCDA393CB770E536564649DF83973F9.cache.html and I expect it is looking for that really. So I searched all files in the project for 2DE7DCB3C14A55C77469B6DE7E125AC2 and found nothing. So it is perhaps in my cache. I have two copies of this project and, yes, the other one has a resource called 2DE7DCB3C14A55C77469B6DE7E125AC2.cache.html. I only deploy one of them at a time. The second one (2DE7DCB3C14A55C77469B6DE7E125AC2) is the older version and the newer one (1FCDA393CB770E536564649DF83973F9) is the one I am testing, but I can’t because it keeps asking for the wrong resource.

I’ve tried clearing the browser cache, clearing the tomcat work directories but I’m still getting the error message. When it appears the browser site there waiting with its turning wheel. I know it is probably the browser cache somehow but what can I clear to make this go away?


Okay, it was the cookie. I wasn’t deleting cookies. Now it’s working.