Widgetset - How to compile from command line

I have been using Vaadin with Netbeans with good success - my stuff gets deployed on our intranet and works.

I need to compile charts into the widgetset, and maybe remove widgets I don’t use.

Can’t find this in the manuals. All I see is the Eclipse way.

So how do I compile a widgetset from the command line?

Take a look here: https://vaadin.com/book/-/page/clientside.compiling.html

So if you are using maven, then run this:
mvn vaadin:compile

Thanks but … already read that page and others.

Not using maven.

I broke down, installed Eclipse and the Vaadin Add in. Use it to compile widgets.

Then right back to Netbeans. :slight_smile:

i’m using maven as a configration management tool + sublime text3 as a text editor + vaadin API docs + gnome-terminal.

1# install maven

2# generate Vaadin Application Archetype using this command for maven.

3# cd #{Change dirctory to your parent application folder - where is your pom.xml file is }
4# run mvn install // to install your missied depindencies. maven will download them from the offical repostory.
5# cd #{Change dirctory to your sub project folder }
6# edit your module pom.xml file by pasting your addon cordinates.
7# run mvn install // again to install your addon dependincies 8# you can compile your vaadin project using vaadin plugin for maven & the command is :

mvn vaadin:compile when you are needed to run { mvn vaadin:compile } again ?

Recompiling the Widget Set

The Vaadin plugin for Maven tries to avoid recompiling the widget set unless necessary,
which sometimes means that it is not compiled even when it should.
Running the clean goal usually helps, but causes a full recompilation.
You can compile the widget set manually by running the vaadin:compile goal.
$ mvn vaadin:compileNote that this does not update the project widget set by searching new
widget sets from the class path. It must be updated if you add or remove add-ons, for example.
You can do that by running the vaadin:update-widgetset goal in the project directory.
$ mvn vaadin:update-widgetset

please flow these thread :

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i hope that can help you “gunnars”.
Best Wishes