Widgetset Compiler does not visit Connector

Hi there,

i’m having a hard time getting the widgetset compilation of my custom Component to work.
Last friday, everything worked fine. Today, i’m no longer able to compile the widgetset correctly. The error is always, that during widgetset compilation the “ConnectorInitVisitor” does not visit my SVGImageConnector - no matter, what i change on the configuration.
The strange part is, that there is no error during the compilation output.
Furthermore, there is no documentation what i need to do to get the compiler to find my connector. Are there any requirements?

My custom widget package looks like this:

Everything else is according to the different tutorials on the web. Furthermore, as i said before, on friday it compiled correctly.
I checked the verbose output on the vaadin project preference pane and also added -logLevel=TRACE. However, there is no error or anything else from which i could guess what is wrong. Is there something else i can do to debug this?

Found the problem. After hours of head to table banging, i found the solution:
Add the java sources to the .jar when exporting your custom widget .class files.
Maybe someone should have mentioned that in the first place. Especially in the tutorials and the vaadin book (or did i overread that section - then please correct me).

I don’t know if you use the maven plugin. But it is mentioned there