Widgetset Compilation failed ... again

He there,

I tryed to compile the widgetset of my project and I get the follwoing Error:

Addon styles found from classpath:

Search took 21ms
Starting GWT compiler
Compiling module de.rhenus.ros50.widgetset.Ros50Widgetset
Unexpected internal compiler error
[/code]I know there is a thread in the forum where exactly this is described. but the solution there to move the ivy dependency up in the order exports doesn’t help much I am afraid.

So if anybody encountered that same error please give me a hand


Without more information it is very difficult to help… could you provide the complete output, please?

One guess: your project might have something extra on the widgetset compiler classpath.
Have you enabled verbose compilation in Project Properties → Vaadin? With new Eclipse plug-in versions, it should be enabled by default for new projects, but your output doesn’t look like it would be on.