Widgetset Compilation - Eclipse

Hey guys,

I’m trying to compile a widget using eclipse. I don’t know really if it works, because elipse doesn’t show me any output in the console. Just the progress bar appears if I compile the widgetset.
The results can be found in the project folder. BUT: I cannot verify if the newly created widget is part of the GWT files.
I already tried the compilation from command line, but there it skipped my widget because of some dependency problem.

How can I find the compilation output and where is the XML file?

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You can enable the full output in Project Properties → Vaadin → Verbose Compilation Output.

The next version of the plugin will be more verbose by default. You can already try a development build of it by using the update site http://vaadin.com/eclipse/experimental .

Well, the easiest way to test if it works is to see if you see the widget in your application :slight_smile:

You can turn on the console logging by right clicking the project you want to compile and choosing preferences. Under Vaadin you’ll find a checkbox labeled “Verbose compilation output”. Check it.

Edit: bugger. I was 30 seconds too late :slight_smile:

OK thanks. That was fast.
It works.

I have similar problems. I’ve added a number of add-ons in Maven as well as dropped a couple into WEB-INF/lib. I’ve made sure that the project facet for Vaadin is on and made sure that widget compilation is turned on. However, no matter how I compile, it does not ask me to recompile the widgets.

Of course, since I have not recompiled the widgets, I get an error trace indicating that I need to recompile when I run the program in debug mode.

Since I don’t have a widgetset XML, I can’t force a recompile with the water wheel.

There really should be a way to force the detection and recompilation if none of the widgetset folders/files exist.



Maven does not really support any JARs that do not come out of a Maven repository (the local one would be ok), so this setup could cause complications. I cannot recall if the current Eclipse plug-in also finds JARs from Maven classpath containers or not. In general, you should either get all dependencies from Maven (and usually also compile the widgetset with Maven in that case) or have all of them in the project (which causes problems for Maven builds).

As for not having a widgetset .gwt.xml file: you can create one from some template or example, just inheriting the DefaultWidgetSet. Then click compile, and if the required JARs can be accessed, your widgetset file will be automatically updated to inherit any other widgetsets on your classpath.