widgetset compilation and gwt.xml update


With Vaadin6 we put in place a mechanism where we can easily build the widgetset in a separate jar (that is kicked in on demand instead of every time):

This is a nice alternative to the inplace generation because you don’t pollute your source directory and others can benefit of that using the repository (they don’t have to compile it the first time as the jar can be downloaded from the repo.

I am trying to port this setup to Vaadin7 and I can’t make it work to update my gwt.xml file. Previously, we had to configure two plugins that have their respective configuration. Now we use the vaadin-maven-plugin for everything. It seems that since I have configured the “webappDirectory” to be in target (instead of src/main…) the update-widgetset does not update my gwt.xml file when I add new dependencies.

Is this a fair statement or am I missing a configuration option? You can find the project I am trying to port on github:


The plugin updates the first copy of the widgetset file that it finds on the classpath.
It tries to make sure source directories (and IIRC also resource directories with the latest plugin) come before target etc. on the classpath of that goal, but maybe it finds the copy in target first with your project layout or doesn’t find any.

Can you check whether it has updated the copy in target, or perhaps some other copy of the file? Is there any output from the goal update-widgetset that would indicate which file it is updating?

I don’t really understand what happened but I tried again and it worked. Sorry for the noise.