Wicket framework extensions in Java


Vaadin looks awesome, nice job.

One thing I don’t agree with though is that in the feature matrix, item: ‘Framework extensions are done in Java’, Wicket is not marked. I believe it should be, because pretty much everything you can extend in Wicket, be in components, session storage strategies, urls handlers, you name it, is done through plain old Java. Would you agree?

Hi. Valid concern - the title ‘Framework extensions are done in Java’ is not too well worded. This means that the framework can be extended
by adding new rich widgets to it
in Java. Maybe we should split the row to two parts: “client-side extensions to framework” and “server-side extensions to framework”? In this case - server-side extensions to wicket are done in Java (HTML templates are still not Java in Wicket).

The splitting sounds like a good idea. We have to give credit where due, and keep the matrix as truthful as possible.

101% agreed.

I hope to find some time to make the matrix more complete in other respects as well in coming weeks. All suggestions regarding wicket or any other framework would be great. (at least we should add zk5 to the matrix).