Why Table ColumnGenerators do not set Property values?

I was playing around with the ColumnGenerator Interface. I noticed that a ColumnGenerator will never set the item property value of a table.

do i have to set the value of a table item propery manually when using a ColumnGenerator? If so, why?

Generated columns are, as the name implies, generated from property value columns, not the other way around.

If you need to change the property values for some reason, you should do that in your own application logic. However, such cases are usually rare. If you calculate data model properties based on other properties, it implies that your data model has redundancy. There are many cases where you may want to do that; I don’t know what your case is.

Thank you for your quick answear

Another Question about ColumnGenerators. I kinda miss a method in the Table class to get all ColumnGenerators. Is there a simple way to get them?

The simplest way would probably to iterate over column ids and check whether Table.getColumnGenerator(id) returns null or something else.