Why license is required?

I’ve created 24.* application with starter (selecting free components only) and try to prepare production bundle but got the license checking screen. Could you please advice why I forced for the license if I do not use any commercial components?

Do you use “vaadin” instead of “vaadin-core” in your pom?

Yes, I’ve just used auto-generated pom … Will try to replace it to vaadin-core, thank you!

Production version of application is bult and started successfully now but I can not get rid of that warning:

18:40:40.815 WARN [main] no DevModeHandlerManager implementation found but dev server enabled. Include the com.vaadin.vaadin-dev-server dependency. (com.vaadin.flow.se

@quirky-zebra Could you please advice?

I’m wondering if you have really build a production version of the artefact. If you are really sure running in production mode, you could exclude the vaadin-dev-server from the production build.

I excluded that module. Also productionMode = true in \META-INF\VAADIN\config\flow-build-info.json. Nevertheless this warning is still presented in the logs during startup.