Why is my Window not showing "maximize" button?

I was running 7.0.5 and upgraded to 7.16 and expected to see a maximize/minimize button next to my already existing “Close” button. But there is still only a close button. I looked at the Window API and don’t see a method to “show” this button either.

I’m still fairly new with Vaadin - so don’t rule out me having forgotten to do something you think is obvious (last time, when I didn’t see a new Chart feature, it turned out I forgot to compile the widget set).

Any help much appreciated.

When you set window.setResizable(false) the maximize button doesn’t show. I’m guessing that’s what happened

Hi Marius, that’s not it. I don’t set window resize to false. Actually, other than setting the caption, width, height, and position, I don’t do anything to the Window. When I didn’t see the maximize button after upgrading, I even tried Window.setResizable(true) - even though the Window was already resizable by default - hoping that this would somehow “force” the maximize button to appear. But no luck. Attached is a picture of my app - as you can see, there are clearly resize corners on the individual windows - but no maximize button.

In case I forgot to do something when updated to the new version of Vaadin, here’s exactly what I did:

  • downloaded the zip file with the new jars and replaced the old jars with the new set
  • ran ant target “compile-widgetset” from the build-widgetset.xml I got from the vaadin site some time ago
    That’s all the README.TXT file that came with the zip file said to do.

Finally, just in case it was some kind of browser limitation, I tried the app on both Safari and Firefox - but neither showed the ‘maximize’.

Never mind - looks like my build script wasn’t picking up all the generated widget stuff.