Who is using Vaadin -page

We are planning to add a “who is using vaadin” or “built with vaadin” page to the site where people would be able to add short (300 characters or so) long “use cases” that would say:

  • what Vaadin is used for
  • who is using the solution (built with Vaadin)
  • who built it
  • (optionally) possibility to add screenshots or link to screen cast
  • (optionally) possibility to link to the solution/product itself

Would this fulfill the your need? If so - who would be interested in telling about the solutions they have built?

MEDIACEPT Technology


The Application: An open source

Application name:

Used Database:



Wow. That was fast!

Screenshot looks nice - would it be possible to have it 1:1 resolution?

It’s yet in development (alpha - early state) :frowning:

Tell me please what do you think.

Without trying it out, just on a basis of the screenshots - it looks great!

All what you see in screenshots are perfectly working. We are focusing our development, now, on security (permissions, roles, groups) because it’s the basis.
The next steps, and thanks to the productivity of Vaadin, will be functionalities.

Excuse me, I’m not so fluent in English

Wow, nice app! Creatinga whole ERP is not a light task. Which parts of an ERP are you focusing on? I could at least spot manufacturing, inventory management and sales & distribution from the screenshots. Do you have a ready backend and just doing a new user interface for it, or did you start completely from scratch?

Wow! The best looking ERP I’ve come accross!

… I know at least one company that could be interested in the CRM part of the system! :wink:

Thank you for your encouragements.
We are focusing our development on doing things step by step. The application is a Database driven model so all the application’s logic is in the database (even menus and windows are in tables in the Database).
We have nearly finished with the Database (Tables, Functions and triggers) and now we are moving forward with user’s interface for all the features.
Yes we started our application from scratch but we took some other open source ERP applications as model (like xTuple, a desktop ERP application).
Before Vaadin, we started to use other frameworks like ExtJS, ExtGWT and SmartGWT.
But because of the licenses and Javascript (my team is Java skilled), the natural choice was

As we go along, we will provide you our work progress.

Hi Fredrik,
thank you for your comment :smiley:
Do you have a work specifications for that CRM ? It will help us to respond to the needs.

No real specifications. Most of the OS CRMs I’ve come across are too slow and unusable. Anything that is real RIA and lets you easily search, edit and find the things you are using in different stages of the salesprocess is a plus. I wouldn’t go so far as to write any specs as I’m not a real usability engineer, but already the fact that yours is going to be built with a technology that is rich in itself (and it looks nice based on the screenshots) makes me very positive.

Keep in touch. We won’t disappoint you.

Update to this old thread too. The page has been live for a some time now at:


If you are using Vaadin and like to have your company/project listed, please
contact us

With which component the “outlook-bar” was realized?