White bar over iOs status bar in Home App with iOs11

Our App derive from the vaadin dashboard demo and they suffer from the same problem, only when it is executed as Home App, only starting from version 11 of ios, the status bar on top of application is overwritten by a white bar.
Screenshot in attachment taked from https://demo.vaadin.com/dashboard/
I saw that some time ago was introduced a fix in common.scss for force a padding of 20px for bypassing the top bar with iOs, this fix with iOs11 isn’t necessary and in fact it is not applied but I still do not understand thw presence of this white bar.


Solved - To enable a vaadin application for using as a Native App in iOS we must add a meta tag in html head “” and to force it to become transparent we must add meta tag “”

The value “black-translucent” is not longer supported and generates the bug for that the top bar become of the same color of application background-color, in my case white.

From iOS11 the value supported in addition to “default” is only “black”.