While setting theme if a message is shown ?

  1. I am on my way to create an architecture in vaadin.
  2. The theme is user defined … so next time login…the last selected theme will be set
  3. Default login screen theme, i had set as reindeer
  4. Then just after successful login , setting the last theme …that time the whole page is refreshed and a white screen is shown, after that the theme set page will be shown
  5. Is there any way to avoid that page refresh …
  6. If not, then can we show a message like " Setting your theme" in that white screen …then it will be more good to see

If I remember correctly, you cannot avoid that full page refresh on theme changes. And because it’s a full page refresh you cannot easily show a message
the page is reloading. If you want, you could show a popup before the theme change, and tie the setTheme call to a clicklistener on an ok-button on that popup.