Which Container to use?

Hello all!

I have pretty much finished the design and layout aspect of my application and am now going through and tying all the components to their respective data sources. I am a little confused on which container to use. I am trying to populate a table from a few of my entity classes. For instance, I want to display a table of companies, but also want to display the city of where that company is located. The “Company” entity contains a foreign key to the “Address” entity which has the city. Is it best that I create my own container for this? Since this will strictly be a list, would it be easier to traverse the the result list and add the items directly to the table?

Also, I have used the BeanItemContainer as the datasource for one of my entities and have noticed the the performance is quite poor when accessing that particular component. I have also noticed extremely poor performance when scrolling through that table (freezes, jumps). That being said, is there a way to remove the “lazy” loading feature and just preload everything? I’d rather have my clients wait and display a loading screen after they logon then have them experience poor performance throughout the app (My app is database centric and also uses web service calls to populate certain components).