where to place css folder in the project


Could anyone please tell me where do I place the css file exactly in my folder structure. so that the my portlet loads the css file.
I have attached my folder structure image.
My requirement is I need to align the textfield values right-side.

Thanks In Advance.

Themes are normally under src/main/resources/VAADIN/themes.

is some more information.

I tried that adding VAADIN/themes under Web-Inf. But it doesn’t work for me.

I don’t have a Web-Content folder in my project structure. That’s why i am confused where exactly to place to css file.
I tried this
even this
Nothing works for me.

Probably because WEB-INF is not the right place to put it.
The WEB-INF folder is mainly for the web.xml and the lib folder which may include the vaadin jars and addon jars (depends on whether you use any dependency management)
You have to put it in the YourProject/src/main/resources/ directory.
Normally when you use Maven or Ivy to create a project this folder should already exist.
Are you using Maven?

Maven Projects don’t have a WebContent folder.
Their themes are in src/main/resources/VAADIN/themes

I don’t use maven. I use ant build. I don’t have resource folder in my portlet directory.

You should’ve said this first.

is a thread about this topic.

Sorry , I forgot to mention about that at first.
Thanks. That thread helped.

It worked.

Thanks again.