Where can I find binaries for GWT Vaadin fork?

I build my own version of Vaadin and use GWT 2.5.1 for it. But as i know, Vaadin use fork of GWT. Where are can I download binaries?

Vaadin does not distribute the binaries since they are directly incorporated into the Vaadin jars.

If you are building Vaadin yourself you should take a look at the README on
about setting up a build environment and building Vaadin with the GWT libraries. Basically what you need to do is checkout the gwt and gwt-tools git repositories and run the provided ant scripts there to produce the jars.

But I cann’t build GWT on Windows. (

Vaadin’s branch is just as limited as the main GWT is, i.e. it will not compile on Windows as far as I know. At least not everything.

You might be able to use something like cygwin on Windows to compile to project with but I have not tried that myself. Another option is of course using a virtual machine with linux installed.