Where Are Themes Located?

I’ve read in all the Books/Forums etc that i should find themes in …/Vaddin/themes/.

i created a project, and right now the i see that it imports “…/valo/valo.scss”.
but where is that pointing? i tried for eample to change it to …/reindeer/reinderr.scss" but got an error of file not found.

where are the actual themes located?

The actual themes are located in vaadin-themes-7.x.y jar in the lib folder of the WAR file that is generated when you export your vaadin project in Eclipse IDE.

so in order to import another theme for use as base i have to manually extract it to this folder?

There are a few points to consider:

  1. In development mode, the vaadin jars (including the themes jar) are located in the ivy cache. On Ubuntu, the ivy cache is a hidden folder inside the user’s home folder. You can find that using Eclipse, and going to the project’s Build Path > Configure > Libraries > Ivy

  2. In production mode, the required jars (including the themes jar) are copied to the project’s WAR/lib folder

  3. While you are developing, and need to use some other theme than the default valo, there is NO need to move or copy anything anywhere as long as the needed theme is bundles in the jar (eg, reindeer).

  4. All you need to do is make appropriate path changes in your Web-Content > VAADIN > themes > your-project-theme > your-project-theme.scss: @import, and @include (specify reindeer here instead of valo), and compile the theme using the “Compile theme” menu option when you click the 2-geared button in the Eclipse Toolbar on top (Its the one with “two gears” icon)

I hope it helps.