When will 5.3.0 be released?

is there any estimations when will 5.3.0 be released or atleast 5.3.0 RC? We are using 5.2.6_trunk_20080701 which was latest trunk release that had passed (almost) all tests. We had to use trunk release because we are using MenuBar component in our project.

Is there some problems with nightly builds because latest has been released 2008-09-25. Also last one that passed almost all tests is more than three months old, not good.

We are partly moved to production and we are facing some problems, like browser jams and crashes and waiting for release that hopefully fixes these.

  • markus

My recommendation is to use 5.2 -branch and to copy MenuBar -component from trunk to your project.

But to answer the question: 5.3.0RC is otherwise mostly done, BUT there is still major work ongoing in the IOrderedLayout and IGridLayout internal (re)implementation details. My best guess would have been couple of weeks ago that the we should be ready now. Unfortunately we aren’t. My best guess now is that 5.3.0RC should be out in couple of weeks.

For details, see this:

And this:

This is unfortunate sum of two things:

  • Above-mentioned re-implementation of couple of core-layouts (temporarily) broke the compatibility between Testing Tools driven tests and development version. Technical reason for this is that the DOM-structure has gone under multiple changes is these core components. So the core library is not broken, BUT the test have become incompatible with the changes. Tests will be re-recorded as soon as layout implementation is done.
  • Our nightly build server has taken a vacation. We hope to get it back on-line asap.
    Please accept our apologies for the situation.

When 5.3.0 is released, the situation will change: trunk will be used as a basis for stable 5.3.x series and development will be done in branches. Testing Tools driven UI tests will be kept updated and should pass 100% for each release. Furthermore, nightly builds will very likely be stable (at least a lot stabler than now), but not tested.

One further note. The older nightly build system is still up-and-running with builds:

I will try the newest one in http://itmill.com/download/nightlybuilds/ and see what happens. If that doesn’t work 100% I’ll try your first suggestion

My recommendation is to use 5.2 -branch and to copy MenuBar -component from trunk to your project.
[/quote] It’s nice to hear that trunk should be much better shape than the test results tells you to :slight_smile:

  • markus