When recompile widgetset ?


I have a Vaadin project with maven. If i add a addons to the project,is it
necessary recompile the widgetset ?? or the widgetset it´s only necessary recompiler when i´m develop a widgetset?.
Can i use the client-compiled, delete default widgetset and used addons ??

Hi Daniel,

You have to recompile widgetsets everytime there is some change in the client side code. For example,

  • You have added an addon with client side code to the project. It depends on the addon if it has the client side code or not. If it’s a UI component, it’s very likely there is client side code included.
  • You have a created a custom component with client side code
  • You have upgraded Vaadin version and you have custom or third party client side code in your project

Anyway, if you only modify code on server side and you only use components in Vaadin Framework, you dont need to recompile the widgetsets.

Thank you