What's the typical Vaadin application structure ?

Hi all,

I am starting using Vaadin framework to create an application.
Well, my application will be made up of mainly three ares : an header,a menu on the left and a part (on the right) where to manage data.
Does my application have to be a set of Views ?
I mean, in my menu I’ll put a tree with a lot of labels and when an user click on a label the right part of my application must display a different GUI to manage some data (customers,orders,etc)
Is this the typical Vaadin application structure ?


Just in case you didn’t notice it, the basic UI structure, just like you described, is presented
here in the book
. The magnificient
Cat Finder
provides a further example of a basic layout.

You can use a Tree for a hierarchical vertical menu, or a VerticalLayout with properly styled Buttons. You could also use
for a horizontal menu.

You don’t have to use Navigator views, but they
are a useful way
to manage the views, especially if you want browser history and bookmarking. It’s possible to do the same without the Navigator, using your own view logic and a FragmentChangeListener.